Data Migrations

It doesn’t matter where you’re migrating from, whether it’s Office 365 & SharePoint, on-premise Exchange and FileShares, or a legacy IMAP/POP email system with another cloud provider such as Dropbox or Box, we can get you to your destination quickly and efficiently

Phase 1: Discovery

With our Discovery Phase, you can find out exactly how much data you have and when it was last used. We will then perform in-depth analysis on your data and help you make informed decisions on if and how that data will be migrated.

Phase 2: Planning

When we have discovered what data you have and what needs to be migrated, we will move onto our 2nd phase which is the Planning Phase. The planning phase is used to determine timelines, source, destinations and any other activities that need to happen during the migration phase.


Phase 3: Migration

With the plan in place from Phase 2, we move onto our 3rd Phase which is the migration phase. In this phase, we install and configure our tooling, connect to your data sources, perform migration testing and then finally… Start migrating data


Phase 4: Go Live & Support

As we reach the end of Phase 4, in this phase we will finalize our Go Live and extended support plan. During this phase, we will plan the necessary changes required to ‘Go Live’ and put procedures in place for quick and effective support during the Go Live period, so you and your users have confidence in the migrations Go Live and for a seamless switch-over from the old legacy environment to your new environment.

Got questions?
Well, we’ve got answers

Here at CloudNetrix, we can assist in migrating from a variety of different sources.

When it comes to mail, usually the most common sources such as Office 365, Google Workspace, GoDaddy (or any hosting service), On-premise Exchange, or any traditional IMAP/POP3 mail system are covered.

On the other hand, with file migrations, we support any kind of on-premise file system such as Windows or Linux. As long as we can access your data, we can move it. We also support a variety of cloud-based file storage systems, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and many more – enquire with us to see if we can help! 

We support our customers if they want to migrate to Google Workspace or Office 365, however, due to the tooling we use we have the ability to migrate to a variety of other destinations as well. Enquire with us today to see if we can help! 

With any migration project, it’s important to first discuss your requirements and scope out the details of your migration. Contact us today to start your journey.